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About Urban-Feet

Founded by Beverly Atkin-Smith in 2012, Urban-Feet was born with a mission to make poorly feet happy again! Through hard work, passion and a lot of home visits; we quickly grew in popularity and increasing customer demand lead us to expand with the addition of our first foothealth clinic.

Since then, Urban-Feet has blossomed; establishing ourselves as a trustworthy, friendly and professional foothealth practioners. With accreditation from respected organisations, Urban-Feet are proud to say we are a Member of Reflexologists (AOR), Member of the Voluntary Register (MVR), Member of Private Sector Practitioners (MPSP). Qualifications include SACDIP FHP, MPS Practitioner, FRT Practitioner.


We offer full foothealth care and treatment at our clinic based in Netherfield, Nottingham. Here, we can treat both minor and complicated foothealth issues in a safe, clean and reliable space to ensure you feel at ease.

Additionally, we offer extra services to those who may not be able to travel to our clinic:

Home and Away

Available by appointment; Enjoy a home visit within the local area at no extra costs! Alternatively, you will be made welcome at the Urban-Feet Clinic situated in Netherfield, Nottingham.

Foot Healthcare Products

Urban-Feet can provide a range of products to assist daily foot health care needs. This includes: Creams, Insoles and Protection Aids (Toe, Bunion and Corns).

Urgent Care Foot Health Appointments

Can be carried out at home or in our clinic within 24 hours at a price of £45.00. 

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Contact Us

To book an appointment or enquire about a service, please feel free to contact us between 9am – 7pm weekdays. 


Bev: 07814 125224
Mark: 07305 992373


Urban-Feet Clinic
91 Victoria Rd,